Why do experience gifts inspire more than material gifts?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year with the kids jingle belling and everyone telling you “be of good cheer”! –Harry Connick.


The most anticipated and by all means the best holiday is finally coming to town! Why the best? Well, during this magical time everyone is filled with joy, happiness and good deeds. Meaning that a random passer-by might smile at you for no reason, another passenger on a bus will give away a seat or even the grumpiest neighbor will finally wave when you pass by. Why else? The atmosphere makes you feel like in the middle of a magical fairytale not only because of all the positivity and smiles, but also because of all of the lights, sparkles, Christmas decorations and most importantly – the Christmas tree… While reading this you can almost feel the Christmas spirit!


Although it doesn’t seem that wonderful when it comes to the burden of picking presents for our beloved ones. Think for a moment – do you always find the right
present to give? Do you receive the present you really want yourself? Hmm… That is why if you don’t want to let someone down just because you forgot the present, it has to be another material gift you find out of being desperate. The material gift in this
case would be just an ordinary thing. A thing that might mean nothing to you and only collect dust, after some years of silently sleeping in the attic. Or simply given away. While others bring some value only when used. But how long can this excitement of
getting a new bag or a new fragrance stay?


Let’s think differently. During Christmas people extremely want to spread joy and good emotions. The longest lasting emotions are best expressed during experiences.
Since people remember the feeling the longest perhaps the best gift to give is an experience? Well, you are not obliged to pick a gift you are going to know will make the person feel happy and satisfied. Also, you give gift-receivers the opportunity to express
themselves. Lastly, experience will always relate to the person who gave the gift, in this way strengthening the connection between them, as well as sharing it with others! There’s more reasons, but who wouldn’t want to enjoy an experience of a lifetime?!


This is where Activity Gifts comes to help! It is more than ready for Christmas and offers you an amazing variety of gifts to choose from and make someone


The View from the Shard


Our most popular London activity is The View from the Shard with Champagne for 2. This could be a romantic present for parents or a close couple, with a stunning view from the tallest building in the city. Slowly enjoying champagne and each other’s company will take them away…



Spo London



For a warm and grateful hug give someone a visit to relaxing SPA procedures since they are always popular in the wintertime. Almost an hour-long full body massage will relieve all the Christmas stress and prepare for new upcoming year!





Bungee Jump


If there is an extreme sports lover amongst your close ones don’t worry because Activity Gifts has an awesome solution for that. The most adventurous activity is bungee jumping from even 160 feet height! Surprise someone you love with this exhilarating gift he or she will remember for a lifetime. Yee-haw!




Chocolate Workshop
For chocolate lovers the perfect gift is to feel the satisfaction of tasting undiscovered mouth-melting kinds of sweets. You can also craft your own delicious handmade treats and also learn a valuable chocolate-making lesson. Sweet heaven…







If you want to feel the perfection this Christmas in your family and among your close friends Activity Gifts is more than happy to help! Choose from a wide
variety of gifts that encourage you to strengthen the connection with your loved ones, bring joy, happiness and satisfaction. Let them enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Get inspired!



Father‘s Day Gifts

Many of our readers are unsure of what to give for Father‘s Day. Our research shows that you are looking for very very special gift ideas. With this in mind, we want to offer to surprise your dad with great experience days, gourmet gifts or extreme activities. You will find the best of the best offers and a short summary of them below.

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The View from the Shard and Lunch Cruise for 2

This experience gift is the most popular one. The ActivityGifts.co.uk team is not surprised why. It combines 2 great experiences. First one is the Shard experience, where you can see amazing London panoramas. The second is on the river Thames boat Cruise, where you are able to see the same popular places as from the Shard, but from closer up. Moreover, the View from the Shard and Lunch Cruise gift includes 2 tickets for both parts of the activity and lunch for 2 during your cruise time. Perfect?

6218_r (1)

If you are not sure you want to give this experience, how about a fishing experience?
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How to be happy?

Everybody understands what makes them happy. Scientists says that there are many ways to make yourself happy every day. ActivityGifts believes that you know many things already that make you happy. We will try to offer new and more interesting ways how to get those endorphins flowing!

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What I need to do to be happy in life?
Sport. Research shows that people who regularly do sports tend to be happier than others. Did you know that endorphins are released into your body when you do exercise? Endorphins are called the hormone of happiness. If you regularly engage in sporting activities, your body will be filled by this happiness chemical. Of course sport helps you to be healthy and charges your body with energy. Health is one of the most important elements of happiness.
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For the first time ever. The Parachute Jump from the Top of the Shard. A Guinness World Record.

The ActivityGifts team has prepared one of the most unique experiences in the world, and we‘re offering it for a limited time only. We want to push the boundaries of experience, to excite our customers with activities they will never forget.
So here is your chance to see London in a way no one has ever seen it before.

6218_r (1)


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Unusual Foods

Some travellers make it their job to experience the local cuisine wherever they’re visiting, immersing themselves in the local lifestyle as much as possible and finding some new delicious foods to enjoy. However some countries make it difficult for these gastronomical types by having some weird, and some gross, national dishes on offer.

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Howismyface.com photo.

Horse – Iceland

Famous for also enjoying rotting fish and whale blubber, horse is also a centuries old delicacy in the island nation. In fact, the native population weren’t too keen on taking up Christianity because Pope Gregory banned horse meat consumption in 732 AD. It was banned, but the ban was lifted because of starvation. Now horse is a delicacy found in many high end restaurants, famous for being incredibly lean and delicious when cooked correctly.

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A Brief History of Mother‘s Day!

· There are about 2 billion mums in the world;

· Nowadays women have their first child when they are, on average, 25 years old with two children;

· Nappy change requires on average 2 minutes and 5 seconds for mum, while dads do it in 1 minute and 36 seconds!

· Mum takes care of 88% of the laundry at home;

· The woman with the most recorded births in history was Mrs Vasiljeva (XVIII century). She gave birth to 69 kids over a period 40 years ( 16 couples of twins, 7 couples of triplets, 4 times of four).

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Mother’s Day Around the World

There’s one day a year where everybody comes together to celebrate the most important woman in their lives: their mother. She’s stuck with us through thick and thin, looking after us when we were ill, helping us with our homework, telling us our performance in the school play was Oscar worth (we were the tree), and just generally being a fantastic woman. Nearly every culture in the world praises their mothers and dedicates a day to them, so let’s see how they do it.

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Belgian children spend some time in the week leading up to mother’s day making little presents to give to their mums on the morning of the day. Nothing like a thoughtful present from the little ones, but that’s not all. The father will go out and buy pastries like croissants and sweet breads to serve to the mother while she’s still in bed before she spends the rest of the day relaxing and being pampered by the rest of the family. Maybe it’s time for some mums to move to Belgium, you can’t get pastries like that over here.
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Valentine’s day: how it all started

There are just few days left until St. Valentine‘s Day. So, we invite you to take a look at Valentine‘s day and it‘s history.

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A variety of medieval artists had already mentioned that Valentine‘s Day is a day of love. Despite this, the Valentine‘s Day idea was mostly promoted by William Shakespeare. He had used this day as a motif of the Hamlet and Ophelia love story. Probably because of that St. Valentine‘s day firstly became popular in England. In the middle of XIX century England people started to exchange love postcards with each other. Also, the beginning of mass marketing of postcards, extended its popularity in England. This day gradually spread throughout the World. People started to give away not only postcards, but also candy, flowers etc. St. Valentine’s day has now become a lovers celebration over the world.


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So, who is that famous Valentine?


There is one forgotten topic about Saint Valentine and why he had the honour to become the patron of lovers. No specific documents mentioning him survive. So the question is, how many saints with this name existed and which one is the one. However, the most famous legend tells a romantic story about a priest, who lived in III rd century AD in Rome.
According to tales, Rome was ruled by the emperor Claudius who forbade marriage for young men. The Emperor thought that lonely men would make better soldiers than married ones. However, many young couples wanted to consolidate their feelings in marriage and that’s where a priest called Valentine came in, who helped them. Valentine ignored emperor Claudius‘ restrictions and married couples in secret. After a while, Valentine was imprisoned and the legend begins, detailing his love story. Priest met a young girl, the jailer‘s daughter, who was blind. Valentine started pray for her and thanks to a miracle, she was able to see again, and fell in love with Valentine. “From your Valentine“ were the last words in the letter to his beloved. This became the popular phrase found in love greetings.

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Although all stories are surrounded by fantasy and fairy motifs, there are various versions with different details, while St. Valentine has always been portrayed as a sympathetic, heroic and ,most importantly, romantic personality. Perhaps because of such a reputation, Valentine become a muse of many medieval artists. His personality contributed to legend that knights of the time where influenced deeply the ladies they loved, by generosity, by the ideal of romantic love. Thus St. Valentine and Valentine‘s day came to be known.

Choice of the week: being God or getting dirty?

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What do you think about these two choices for your summer day? Yeah, we think that as well. And even if you are already done with you vacation this year, we decided to reveal some crazy, exciting water activities to make your coffee break at work more exciting. So let’s see how people all over the world ignore usual water experiences and modify those into the ones that would have been really hard to imagine before they were actually done. Even our experienced team in “Activity Gifts” feels that some of these are “WOWWWW!!!” and “No way…” and “HOW???”.



Let’s start with probably the funniest water activity (if you could actually call it “water”). This experience would be the best for you if you like dressing up and getting all dirty in the mud. Bog snorkeling is officially accepted sport that even has its own national and world championships and keeps its world records. Participants of these competitions have the task of completing the bog track filled with water and mud using snorkels and flippers in the shortest time possible.
Who would ever think of such a crazy activity? Crazy Brits of course. It was a result of an over-the-bar conversation in 1976, Wales. Anyone surprised?
Check out a video of a competition taking place in Wales (click on the picture):




Walking on water is such a God-like thing to do, isn’t it? Not really. Not anymore anyways. This kind of water sport takes us to another level of human capabilities. Walking on water, hydro sprinting or liquid mountaineering – whatever you call it – is a pretty challenging and incredible activity to practice. Few ambitious guys decided that if the rock can bounce off the water surface when thrown from the right angle and with enough strength, so can we. Well, it is not really about bouncing off the water, more like about a superfast running, rubber shoes, cold water and putting your feet at the right angle.
However, rumour has it, the whole sport is fake and just an extremely covered add for those water-repellent shoes. Should we believe it or not? Depends on each and every one of you. Can we actually walk on water? Jesus could, maybe we can as well.

Decide for yourself, click on the picture for video:




Prince Charming on a white horse or a hippie surfer with tanned skin and dreadlocks? If you find a right spot, ladies, we promise you can find both in the same place. Since 2003, a trio of cavalier, horse and a surfer got a totally new meaning, activities of surfing and riding a horse merged into one extremely interesting experience – horse surfing. This team of three can reach a speed up to 50km/h and perform various tricks while the horse is galloping at the water’s edge and pulling a surfer behind him.
If you think surfing and horse riding is so ”last year” and it’s not giving you any joy anymore – feel free to try this one! Just hold on tight, good luck!

A little video for you to prepare yourself (click on the picture):





Have you ever heard about the medieval knights fighting for their honour? Horses, lances and a beautiful girl’s love? That’s right, we did as well. But what we did not know before is that there is a really similar medieval tradition cultivated in Southern France, especially in the city of Sète. Teams row huge wooden boats and on the end of oversized bow there is a “knight” trying to knock the competitor into the water.
This is the experience you want to plan your vacation around. Combined with the festival and celebration that is happening in the city, spectators love it, participants – probably! If they are not the ones thrown off the boat.

This is pretty much how it looks like (click on the picture):





“It was the closest I’ve ever come to death,” said Garett McNamara, one of the few who are brave enough for this extreme sport. Our team in “Activity Gifts” voted this to be the scariest and the most thrilling sport activity. These adrenalin-lovers spend weeks waiting for chunks of icy wall of the mountain to start falling, come crashing down to the water and create huge waves which they catch and surf through. To try this you have to be either crazy (for real) or an amazing surfer looking for new opportunities. Anyway, this part definitely screams for “do not try this at home” label.

Scary, extreme and totally amazing (click on the picture):




But seriously. Do not do that. Ever.
We will find you something better. Something that is going to take your breath, stop the moment and make sure you remember that forever. Don’t waste your time on boring stuff! Trust us, you will not tell your grandchildren about the days you got a sunburn on the beach, make them think you are more interesting than that!

White water rafting

White Water Rafting


Crazy Coastering

Learn to Wakeboard

Learn to Wakeboard

Taste The Speed

If there is one adjective that captures the zeitgeist of the modern era, it would probably be a fast-moving world. However, more than 100 years ago, the perception of speed was a bit different…


Imagine yourself being at the first automobile race in Chicago in 1895. It was a meeting place for speed, excitement, and fans of innovation. The first one to arrive to the finish line was J. Frank Duryea with his motorized wagon going on average speed of 7.3 miles per hour! Okay… Maybe it wasn’t the fastest race after all – with a top speed of 13 mph Duryea automobile was slower than a wild turkey.


Speaking about turkeys or animals in general, if you were participating in a race against other species, it is very sad to announce that you would miserably lose. You would come just before an elephant – a good thing to know if you will ever be chased by one, isn’t it? The winner of this race is the cheetah, however because we are in the modern age of technology, the size of the body would be taken into account, and the mite of Southern California would be a true winner. Relatively speaking, if this little bug was as big as a human, its speed would be about 1,300 mph – and it would run almost 50 times faster than us!


Luckily, human beings are said to be quite smart (or just lazy) and therefore many brilliant people came up with fascinating ways to improve our speed and outrun this Californian mite – we have a Concorde for that particular reason. But jokes aside now we see that the first race was more than 100 years ago and men come a long way to find new, faster and more exciting ways to travel or just to have fun and experience the little thrills and chills that speed gives.


Activitygifts.co.uk offers a variety of gifts to show the potential of how people could actually travel on the ground – some of them are for leisure and fun, others are just exciting, and then the most crazy ones are for those who love an adrenaline rush.


Karting Sprint

Karting Sprint

Wacky Racing

Wacky Racing

F1 Experience

F1 Experience

See you track-side. Whoosh!