A Brief History of Mother‘s Day!

· There are about 2 billion mums in the world;

· Nowadays women have their first child when they are, on average, 25 years old with two children;

· Nappy change requires on average 2 minutes and 5 seconds for mum, while dads do it in 1 minute and 36 seconds!

· Mum takes care of 88% of the laundry at home;

· The woman with the most recorded births in history was Mrs Vasiljeva (XVIII century). She gave birth to 69 kids over a period 40 years ( 16 couples of twins, 7 couples of triplets, 4 times of four).

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Mother‘s Day History

Mother‘s Day is one of most popular celebrations in the world. Lots of people say thanks to mothers for the care and love on this day. So here‘s a brief history of the celebration.

The cult of the mother has been celebrated since ancient times – the first civilization dedicated this celebration to the life of the load-carrying Goddess. The miracle of maternity was a subject of worship in all nations and by all religions. The old deities were abandoned in Europe with the advent of Christianity, and the new icon of motherhood became Mary, Mother of Jesus.

The Mother‘s Day traditions that we have today were formed at the start of the twentieth century. The country with the strongest Mother‘s Day traditions is the USA. The USA spread all over the world the tradition of giving cards and gifts. Mother‘s Day is celebrated in a similar way in all countries. These days children might make handicrafts, adults might visit their mothers who live far away, while one might gift flowers, chocolate and other presents.

Traditionaly men congratulate thier wives – mothers of thier kids. Mother‘s day is a day when every mother has opportunity to have time for herself to relax. So many families have a tradition on this day of going to a restaurant or enjoying lunch at home together.

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