Why do experience gifts inspire more than material gifts?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year with the kids jingle belling and everyone telling you “be of good cheer”! –Harry Connick.


The most anticipated and by all means the best holiday is finally coming to town! Why the best? Well, during this magical time everyone is filled with joy, happiness and good deeds. Meaning that a random passer-by might smile at you for no reason, another passenger on a bus will give away a seat or even the grumpiest neighbor will finally wave when you pass by. Why else? The atmosphere makes you feel like in the middle of a magical fairytale not only because of all the positivity and smiles, but also because of all of the lights, sparkles, Christmas decorations and most importantly – the Christmas tree… While reading this you can almost feel the Christmas spirit!


Although it doesn’t seem that wonderful when it comes to the burden of picking presents for our beloved ones. Think for a moment – do you always find the right
present to give? Do you receive the present you really want yourself? Hmm… That is why if you don’t want to let someone down just because you forgot the present, it has to be another material gift you find out of being desperate. The material gift in this
case would be just an ordinary thing. A thing that might mean nothing to you and only collect dust, after some years of silently sleeping in the attic. Or simply given away. While others bring some value only when used. But how long can this excitement of
getting a new bag or a new fragrance stay?


Let’s think differently. During Christmas people extremely want to spread joy and good emotions. The longest lasting emotions are best expressed during experiences.
Since people remember the feeling the longest perhaps the best gift to give is an experience? Well, you are not obliged to pick a gift you are going to know will make the person feel happy and satisfied. Also, you give gift-receivers the opportunity to express
themselves. Lastly, experience will always relate to the person who gave the gift, in this way strengthening the connection between them, as well as sharing it with others! There’s more reasons, but who wouldn’t want to enjoy an experience of a lifetime?!


This is where Activity Gifts comes to help! It is more than ready for Christmas and offers you an amazing variety of gifts to choose from and make someone


The View from the Shard


Our most popular London activity is The View from the Shard with Champagne for 2. This could be a romantic present for parents or a close couple, with a stunning view from the tallest building in the city. Slowly enjoying champagne and each other’s company will take them away…



Spo London



For a warm and grateful hug give someone a visit to relaxing SPA procedures since they are always popular in the wintertime. Almost an hour-long full body massage will relieve all the Christmas stress and prepare for new upcoming year!





Bungee Jump


If there is an extreme sports lover amongst your close ones don’t worry because Activity Gifts has an awesome solution for that. The most adventurous activity is bungee jumping from even 160 feet height! Surprise someone you love with this exhilarating gift he or she will remember for a lifetime. Yee-haw!




Chocolate Workshop
For chocolate lovers the perfect gift is to feel the satisfaction of tasting undiscovered mouth-melting kinds of sweets. You can also craft your own delicious handmade treats and also learn a valuable chocolate-making lesson. Sweet heaven…







If you want to feel the perfection this Christmas in your family and among your close friends Activity Gifts is more than happy to help! Choose from a wide
variety of gifts that encourage you to strengthen the connection with your loved ones, bring joy, happiness and satisfaction. Let them enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Get inspired!