Survival School Weekend Bushcraft and Survival Course

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Devon , Staffordshire
1 person


12 months validity 10+ years experience
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12 months validity
10+ years experience
Price guarantee
Exchange guarantee

Survival School Weekend Bushcraft and Survival Course learns you how to light fires, build shelters, make woodland tools, forage from the hedgerows and much, much more.  Devon and Staffordshire locations all year round. This Survival School Weekend Bushcraft and Survival Course teaches you the fundamental principles of survival and wilderness bushcraft including navigation, fire making, shelter building, and food and water preparation and collection. You will also cover the following subjects: traps and snares, natural navigation, knife sharpening, compass navigation, edible plants, fire lighting by friction, cooking techniques, tree identification and uses for different woods, camp craft, water sourcing, collection, filtration and purification, game preparation (usually fish, mammal and bird) and more.

This voucher includes:

  • Learning fundamental principles of survival;
  • Learning how to navigate in wilderness bushcraft;
  • Learning shelter building;
  • Learning food and water preparation and cllection.

Are you looking for the perfect present for your boyfriend, girlfriend or friend who loves adventures? Something your friend likes or maybe wants to learn some survival things? Surprise him! Survival School Weekend Bushcraft and Survival Course is an exciting activity, that will leave him with unforgettable memories and will give invaluable knowledge.



Devon , Staffordshire




Available selected weekends from January to November

Dress Code

Outdoor clothing should be tough and comfortable. A waterproof jacket and several sweatshirts underneath are sufficient. Jeans should not be worn, as they are slow to dry, clinging and cold.

Voucher for

1 person.

Other information

Minimum 10 yrs (must be accompanied by an adult if under 18)

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